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Clips of our Company dancers in the last few years.


The School Of Dance & Music’s Dance Company is a performing group for students in ages 6-18 yrs. The program offers opportunities for dancers to perform in Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop and groups may be separated by age and class levels. To be a member of the SDM Dance Company, dancers must be enrolled in class requirements for the dance style your dancer wants to participate in. In addition to the class requirements, your Company dancer will need to attend a Company rehearsal performing group class.

In addition to their regular classes performing in our end of the year June recital, this group will participate in an additional Company performance and get to dance with others excited to progress in this style all year long as well!


A Parent Note for the future serious dancer:

Our Dance Company is a lot of fun to be a part of! However, we believe it is best to use your dancer’s available time per week to consistently train in their core dance classes instead of adding additional time commitments toward company rehearsal classes. This will lend your dancer more time in classes versus learning company choreography. Rule of thumb is that your regular classes should outweigh your Company class commitments For more information please refer to the General Class Recommendations & Paths of a Dancer.   If you are interested in your dancer becoming technically trained in basic dance skills to one day be a part of our Elite Company, both Jazz and Ballet styles need to be mastered to a certain degree. Therefore, a good base curriculum that you will find nationally is to start with two Ballet classes and two Jazz classes weekly (one Jazz and one Jumps & Turns) at the age of 6 years of age.  This is a curriculum choice of classes to have whether or not your dancer is interested in being part of our developmental Dance Company or wait and train for our future Elite Company.

A Note on Hip Hop & Tap:
Hip Hop is great for those who want to increase their performance skills and be comfortable moving on the dance floor in social settings.  Tap is wonderful for those who want to increase their tap and rhythm skills and musicality. For those seriously technically training in Ballet and Jazz classes we advise to add Hip Hop and Tap as a 5th class option weekly or adding it in their preteen years. It is much easier for dancers to learn tap in their preteen years once they have been technically trained. However each dancer and family have different goals. For those specifically targeting only Hip Hop, we suggest taking twice a week to be exposed to different styles that naturally come about through different teachers.  

If you are interested in joining the Ballet Company just give the studio a call to find out more about signup deadlines and the required company and technique classes.

Below are a couple short video clips from our Dance Company's past performances!

Which Dance Company Do I Join? 


2019-2020 COMPANY SHOWS  (Upcoming)
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Sunday, March 15, 2020
@ 2:00pm

Ballet Company presents...
"Alice in Wonderland"

at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center

Admission $25

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Does your dance company attend competitions?

Although some of our oldest and most advanced companies do attend competitions, competition is never what’s most important for our dance companies. We prefer to focus on performance over competition. Even when proponents of competitive dance talk about the benefits of dance competitions, most of the positives have to do with performance – focusing on technique to polish a routine, social benefits from performing for an audience, that sort of thing. It’s not to say that competition is inherently bad, but it’s often implemented in ways which are not beneficial to kids’ development both as people and as dancers.

Dance companies that exist as competitive entities have a tendency stress the wrong aspects of dance in service of the competition – gimmicks rather than strong technique, music and costumes that might not be appropriate, but will potentially bump their score. You might have heard about a controversial routine a few years ago in which scantily clad 7-year-olds competed dancing to Beyonce’s “All The Single Ladies.” Because our focus is on performance, we don’t need to be concerned with the arbitrary scores of a few judges, and can instead focus on developing quality dancers. It also helps us make sure that we’re able to maintain a fun atmosphere where our dancers can stay excited about improving their art.

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