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Our Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, and Manhattan Beach locations offer drum lessons for students ages 7 years to adult, of all abilities from beginners to very advanced students. Our private drum lessons are one-on-one instruction and lesson lengths are 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour. We offer instruction in various styles from rock to jazz and pop. We have students who want to play just for fun and students who wish excel with our 24-level motivational goal system. The goal system incorporates a means to track progress on note reading, music theory, sight-reading and ear training activities in our private lessons. Students can complete the levels at their own pace and are rewarded at the end of each level with a medal and a CD containing an archive of themselves performing and recording their favorite songs from the year!

The minimum age for our drum students is age 7. This varies greatly depending on the size of the child. They have to be able to reach both the pedals and the cymbals.

Drums Lessons

Why learn the drums? 

If your child is interested in learning to play the drums, we’re willing to bet you’ve heard about it already in more ways than one. Whether it’s banging on pots and pans or just tapping on anything in front of them, lots of kids are naturally percussive. We channel that excitement and energy into an expressive, fun output.

Countless studies sing the developmental praises of learning a musical instrument, with benefits (eighteen of which can be found here) as wide ranging as better memory and improved math skills. But why the drums, and not a more “refined” instrument like the violin? There are several answers to that question, beginning with the simple fact that it’s worth pursuing what is fun for the student. If your child is excited by the drums and not by other instruments, the drums are probably the best place to cultivate a love of music. Additionally, drums are especially adept at developing coordination and an acute sense of rhythm. 

Early drumming focuses on keeping basic beats, but drumming can grow exponentially complex as a student progresses, introducing new pieces to the kit, new ways of playing (such as adding feet and asynchronous play), and progressively more complicated rhythms. These are skills which benefit students outside the classroom as well. To paraphrase a study published in the journal Psychology of Music, drumming teaches students to understand and adapt fearlessly to complicated situations both in music and in academics.

Drums are also a very communal instrument. Drums and percussion instruments form the backbone of most modern musical ensembles, from rock bands to symphonies. Drum circles link cultures and people together socially, and the New York Department of Health is among the organizations which espouse the benefits of therapeutic drumming as a healing activity.


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Why Choose Us?

  • Professional 'Floating Marley Dance Floors' reduce fatigue and prevent injury
  • Small class sizes
  • Customer service - desk staff available during class times for assistance
  • Wide selection of class times to fit your busy schedule
  • University trained teachers
  • Instructions in rock, classical, pop, jazz and more
  • Optional, low pressure recitals

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Starting Lessons Off Right

  1. How Young is Too Young. Starting at the Right Age
  2. Insist on Private Lessons When Learning a Specific Instrument
  3. Take Lessons in a Professional Teaching Environment
  4. Make Practicing Easier
  5. Use Recognized Teaching Materials

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Common Q&A

Q: Do I need a piano at home to take a piano lessons?

A: It is ideal if you have a piano at home, but you can start lessons by using an electric keyboard to practice on. Most our students rent or buy...

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