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A History Of Tap (as Told by a Mad Lib)

Posted on: 11 May 2016
Print and share with your friends! Tap dance as we know it today was (1)__________(past tense verb) out of other European percussive (2)__________(noun) styles like clogging and Irish stepdance. Tap dance began to evolve as a (3)__________(adjective) style all its own in the early 1900s as part of vaudeville acts. People like John “(4)__________(nickname)” Sublett and Bill “(5)__________(fast food restaurant)” Robinson popularized the rising new tap style. Robinson ...

A History Of Hip Hop (as Told by a Mad Lib)

Posted on: 16 Mar 2016
Print and share with your friends! Unlike other styles that have their (1)__________(plural noun) in dance studios and performance settings, hip hop came from (2)__________(adjective) dancers who hadn’t been formally trained. Beginning in the late 1960s and early 1970s, people (3)__________(preposition) both the east coast and the west coast began to experiment with (4)__________(adjective) styles of dance. Hip hop is really many different styles, including break dancing, ...

Types of Ballet Shoes

Posted on: 03 Feb 2016
Did you know there are different kinds of ballet shoes? When the average person on the street thinks “Ballet,” the first thing in mind is usually a pair of pointe shoes, but as any ballet mom knows, there is so much more. So here’s your primer on the three different kinds of ballet shoes. Split Sole Shoes Any ballerina not on pointe will be wearing ballet slippers of some kind, but the first question is whether to get full sole or split sole shoes. So what is a split sole...

Why Recitals Are Important

Posted on: 27 Jan 2016
I love the way Summer Brackhan of parenting and health site Nourishing Souls talks about music recitals: “A music recital is kind of like life.  You have to show up.  You have to be willing to stick your neck out.  You have to be willing to be vulnerable in front of lots of people.  You have to know that sharing with others is more important than the fear of not being perfect.  You have to see the bigger picture.  You have to realize that you ...

What is the Suzuki Method Anyhow?

Posted on: 20 Jan 2016
If you’ve started to look into violin lessons for your child, chances are you’ve come across plenty of people talking about the “Suzuki Method.” What in the heck is the Suzuki Method? The Suzuki Method is named for its originator, Shin’ishi Suzuki, a Japanese violinist, who created a way of teaching the violin. The basic idea behind the Suzuki Method comes from the idea that children have an amazing capacity to learn language. Suzuki noticed that young children ...

A History Of Jazz (as Told by a Mad Lib)

Posted on: 13 Jan 2016
Print and share with your friends! Have you ever watched a (1)__________(proper noun) musical? There’s a good chance the (2)__________(plural noun) were doing some kind of jazz dance during the (3)__________(adjective) numbers. But jazz has been around much longer than Broadway. Like the music that (4)___________(verb ending in “s”) its name, jazz dance has its roots in African American slave culture. Traditional steps blended with technique brought to America by ...

Where the Piano Comes From

Posted on: 06 Jan 2016
Did you ever wonder how someone came up with the idea of the piano? It’s such an odd instrument, when you compare it to others. Strings which are struck by pressing keys, so big it can’t be carried. The piano didn’t spring from the imagination of a single inventor fully formed. Instead, it was the brainchild of many different innovators, built to address the issues of some of the instruments which came before it. By the 17th century, keyboard instruments were already fairly ...

Goals and Competition

Posted on: 16 Dec 2015
We are a goal setting society. And that’s a good thing. Having goals helps us keep moving forward. Goals drive us to innovation. When President Kennedy said that the United States was going to put a man on the moon, it jumpstarted the energy that made that possible. In our studios, we’re constantly stetting goals for ourselves to become better dancers. Can you get better extension on your arabesque? Can you get that jazz combination just right? Can you get that hip hop step even ...

Music as Language

Posted on: 09 Dec 2015
Check this out:     If you’re actually able to listen to his voiceover during Victor Wooten’s amazing rendition of “Amazing Grace,” you’ll hear he has some very strong beliefs about music and music education. And it’s worth listening to – Wooten is one of the premier musicians in the entire world. But at about the 2:25 mark, he says something really interesting while comparing how kids learn language and how kids learn music. He ...

How Good is Your Practice? Quality vs. Quantity

Posted on: 02 Dec 2015
“How many hours do I need to practice my instrument each week?” It’s the age-old questions, isn’t it? We’ll get back to it in a second, but did you know there’s actually a different question that’s much, much more important? The question you should be asking is… When you practice, HOW should you practice? Practicing is important, but you’ll never get very much out of it if you don’t practice well.  What does that mean? ...


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