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How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar?

Posted on: 15 Nov 2019
Of course everyone learns differently and at a different pace. One person could catch on very quickly and learn how to play the guitar in an instant. On the other hand, another person might practice all year long and still not be able to fully grasp the mechanics it takes to play guitar. That does not mean that one person is better than the other. Again, it is subjective as is how to decide to learn! How long does it usually take to learn how to play the guitar? Learning guitar is not an ...

What Piano Lessons Do To The Brain!

Posted on: 15 Oct 2019
Piano builds brainpower in so many ways! There are so many components that go into playing the piano. You have to learn how to discipline your mind to the intricate and beautiful styles of keeping beat while keeping time, moving both hands independently, and more ways that build strength in the brain. Learning piano a young age is a great introduction to music. It can also help develop self-esteem and academic skills. The piano is such a good exercise for the brain, especially at such a young...

Feel The Beat With Drum Lessons!

Posted on: 15 Sep 2019
When you listen to music, do you pick out the drums right away? Do you find yourself tapping away when you get something stuck in your head? Then chances are you are a drummer, and there’s no better way to explore this uncharted territory than with drum lessons with our amazing teachers! When it comes to drumming, you really want to feel the beat. The beat is obviously the most important thing about drumming and it’s the backbone of any song. It’s very important to ...

When To Start Pointe Classes?

Posted on: 01 Sep 2019
How do you know when to start pointe class? Knowing when to start pointe requires many factors. Age: The suggested age to start pointe is around 11 or 12 years. This is usually recommended instead of 9 or 10 because the growth of the foot is complete around this age. Having a child start before they are ready usually has less to do with actual bone and joint damage (although this may happen) and more to do with an proper range of motion, strength and stability. It is recommended to be ...

Do Voice Lessons Work?

Posted on: 15 Aug 2019
Do you or your child like to sing? Do you feel like you are a terrible singer and wondering is there any way of improving your singing voice? Do voice lessons really work? Think of this way, if you first start playing basketball and you need to improve on shooting free throws, what do you do? You practice! Singing is just like a sport, your voice is your instrument and practicing is the key to seeing improvements. Voice lessons help with your practice by having a teacher there to show you ...

Ballet: The Foundation to Dance?

Posted on: 01 Aug 2019
Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet? Both parents that have children that are new to dance and with those that have had some dance training ask “which dance class should my child take?”  Ballet is the answer to that question. In other skills in life you may have noticed that there are things you need to learn first that make learning other things easier. Learning piano makes it easier to learn another instrument. Learning one language helps you find similarities learning the next ...

Consider Private Dance Lessons!

Posted on: 01 Jul 2019
Taking a private dance class is the easiest way for your child to have a lesson that is personally tailored to them and their skill set. Having a one-on-one experience will help your teacher identify your goals while teaching you the proper material to fulfill them masterfully. Everyone has a different learning style, a different body style, and different interests or goals and having a private instructor will make it easier to take those into account and apply them to the teaching and ...

Hip Hop Classes!

Posted on: 01 Jun 2019
All the greatest hip hop groups and dancers started in dance lessons. Whether it be in ballet, jazz, tap, or any other combination! Here at School of Music and Dance, we are equipped with awesome dance classes – including HIP HOP! We offer classes for students just starting out who are new to hip hop and need to learn some great moves! We also offer hip hop for older more experienced dancers! We are here to help you learn and explore how to move your body in fun and experimental ways! ...

Why Jazz Dance Is Great For Kids!

Posted on: 01 May 2019
Jazz dance is one of the most popular forms of dance. It has become one of the most popular dance styles in recent years, mainly due to its popularity on television shows, movies, music videos and commercials. People enjoy watching jazz dancers, as the dancing is fun and energetic.  This style of dance is also becoming more popular with children! What is Jazz? Jazz in a dance form originates form the dances of Africans when they were brought to the Americas on slave ships. The dance form...

A History Of Tap (as Told by a Mad Lib)

Posted on: 11 May 2016
Print and share with your friends! Tap dance as we know it today was (1)__________(past tense verb) out of other European percussive (2)__________(noun) styles like clogging and Irish stepdance. Tap dance began to evolve as a (3)__________(adjective) style all its own in the early 1900s as part of vaudeville acts. People like John “(4)__________(nickname)” Sublett and Bill “(5)__________(fast food restaurant)” Robinson popularized the rising new tap style. Robinson ...


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