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Music as Language

Posted on: 09 Dec 2015
Check this out:     If you’re actually able to listen to his voiceover during Victor Wooten’s amazing rendition of “Amazing Grace,” you’ll hear he has some very strong beliefs about music and music education. And it’s worth listening to – Wooten is one of the premier musicians in the entire world. But at about the 2:25 mark, he says something really interesting while comparing how kids learn language and how kids learn music. He ...

How To Measure Violins for Kids

Posted on: 04 Nov 2015
One of the really nifty things about starting young children on violin is that they can use an instrument that is, proportional to their bodies, the same size as an adult violin! That doesn’t happen with pianos or drums. It’s even hard to do with guitars, because you can only make the neck so skinny before six strings just won’t fit. But a violin can be shrunk small enough to fit just about any musician! For your young student, one of the most important things is getting a ...

Five Tips for Getting Kids To Practice

Posted on: 29 May 2015
Getting kids to practice their instrument can be tough sometimes. There are a million other things demanding their attention every day, and we’ve all heard the horror stories about children who were forced to practice against their will and grew to hate their instrument. At the same time, supporting your student right is probably the single biggest factor in their success. Time and again we see that if a student gets into good habits early and gets to the first recital, that’s when ...
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