A History Of Ballet (as Told by a Mad Lib)

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Ballet began in Italy in the 15th century as part of (1)__________(noun) celebrations. By the 16th century, it had moved to (2)__________(place) where it began to grow more formalized, and by the 17th century, King (3)__________(name) XIV of France, a dancer himself, fully standardized the art form and helped (4)__________(verb) it into a professional craft rather than an (5)__________(adjective) dance style. Opera ballets flourished until the (6)__________(time/date) when ballet changed again and became even more (7)__________(adjective). It didn’t need to be accompanied by opera anymore – the dance (8)__________(plural verb) alone were enough to convey the (9)__________(noun). The 19th century continued this style of ballet, but it also began to introduce modern (10)__________(plural noun), like pointe work.

The (11)___________(adjective) age of ballet might have been in Russia in the late 19th century. This was when some of the most (12)___________(adjective) ballets like The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and The Sleeping (13)__________(noun) were first composed. It’s also where we get many elements of modern ballet study – an emphasis on turn-out and pointe work, and even the (14)__________(noun)!

Since then, ballet has continued to evolve. Modern styles of ballet include (15)__________(adjective) (16)__________(plural noun) rooted in classical ballet but adapted to more representational, “(17)__________(adjective)” ballets. Ballet today is a rich combination of everything from classical technique to modern choreographic style.


And if you really want to know the real answers, here they are:

  1. Court
  2. France
  3. Louis
  4. Shape
  5. Amateur
  6. 18th Century
  7. Theatrical
  8. Movements
  9. Story
  10.  Elements
  11.  Golden
  12.  Famous
  13.  Beauty
  14.  Tutu
  15.  Fresh
  16.  Movement
  17.  Plotless


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