A History Of Hip Hop (as Told by a Mad Lib)

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Unlike other styles that have their (1)__________(plural noun) in dance studios and performance settings, hip hop came from (2)__________(adjective) dancers who hadn’t been formally trained. Beginning in the late 1960s and early 1970s, people (3)__________(preposition) both the east coast and the west coast began to experiment with (4)__________(adjective) styles of dance. Hip hop is really many different styles, including break dancing, (5)__________(verb ending in “-ing”), and locking.

Although hip hop has always been a social dance, several (6)__________(plural noun) in particular contributed to its rise as a performance art. Dance crews like the Rock (7)__________(adjective) Crew from New York, (8)__________(adjective) Boogaloo from Fresno, and The (9)__________(plural noun) from Los Angeles performed across the nation and helped (10)__________(verb) public notoriety to hip hop dance.

Hip hop dance is still growing with hip hop and (11)_________(verb) music. Songs like “Party Rock (12)__________(noun),” “Chicken Noodle Soup,” and “Teach Me How to (13)__________(noun)” have continued hip hop’s tradition as a social dance form, while major music acts and dance crews have (14)__________(past-tense verb) hip hop’s reach and influence as a major (15)__________(adjective) dance style.


And if you really want to know the real answers, here they are:

  1. Roots
  2. Street
  3. On
  4. New
  5. Popping
  6. Groups
  7. Steady
  8. Electric
  9. Lockers
  10.  Bring
  11.  Pop
  12.  Anthem
  13.  Dougie
  14.  Extended
  15.  Modern


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