And the Boys Danced On

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Category : Dance

Guys, get out there and dance!

Dads, many of you will remember the sweet terror of asking a girl to dance at your first school social. It probably seemed like the world was going to end if you screwed up.

And even though you figured out later that rejection or even embarrassment didn’t have the apocalyptic consequences you feared, you might be surprised to discover that, in a way, you were on the right track. A study published in the scientific journal Personality and Individual Differences looked at how women perceived men’s dancing and found that the men who were judged to be good dancers tended to show more “conscientiousness and social agreeableness.” Basically, that they were kinder and more fun to be around.

We talk a lot at our studio about helping our students open up to the world around them. We know dance is an incredible tool for helping kids grow mentally and socially, as well as physically. Dance teaches kids to be comfortable in their own skin and comfortable around others. We love that!


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