Ballet: The Foundation to Dance?

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I Love My Ballet Class

Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet? Both parents that have children that are new to dance and with those that have had some dance training ask “which dance class should my child take?”  Ballet is the answer to that question. In other skills in life you may have noticed that there are things you need to learn first that make learning other things easier. Learning piano makes it easier to learn another instrument. Learning one language helps you find similarities learning the next language. Ballet is the foundation of all dance.  Ballet helps not only your muscles, but your mind for all other movement.

Ballet improves your musicality, body awareness, and technique, coordination. When you learn ballet you learn the basics of dance.  It helps you learn the techniques that make you adaptable to  moving in different styles. You will be able to take what you learn from ballet and apply it to other styles of dance and put you on a more successful dance path!

Ballet also helps you address the imbalances in your left and right body and will help you improve on them to create a more centered and stronger body! Taking a ballet classes weekly in addition to another dance class is a great way to be sure you are getting a good base for your dance body. Ballet helps keeps the body agile! It is the perfect tool to become a strong dancer and a great starting point for anyone of any age to get a jump start on their dancing journey!

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