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Taking a private dance class is the easiest way for your child to have a lesson that is personally tailored to them and their skill set. Having a one-on-one experience will help your teacher identify your goals while teaching you the proper material to fulfill them masterfully.

Everyone has a different learning style, a different body style, and different interests or goals and having a private instructor will make it easier to take those into account and apply them to the teaching and customization of the lessons. Where group classes can be beneficial for social situations, taking a private dance class is a much better way for a child or teen to learn discipline and to learn how their body works especially leaping and turning. 

Technique and details can be worked on continuously and efficiently. Targeting your individual strengths and weaknesses is a fantastic way to stay more engaged in a class while helping you perfect your craft even more quickly. Private lessons are the best way to become a more proficient dancer. They also help busy students because they are made tofit around your specific schedule.

Here at School of Dance & Music, we have wonderful instructors that can teach a student of any age and any skill set of ballet, tap, hip hop, contemporary, and lyrical.  You can call to schedule a private lesson any time at 310 406-1730 to see when our teachers are available and how we can fit your specific dance needs!


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