Do Voice Lessons Work?

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I Love To Sing!

Do you or your child like to sing? Do you feel like you are a terrible singer and wondering is there any way of improving your singing voice? Do voice lessons really work?

Think of this way, if you first start playing basketball and you need to improve on shooting free throws, what do you do? You practice! Singing is just like a sport, your voice is your instrument and practicing is the key to seeing improvements.

Voice lessons help with your practice by having a teacher there to show you the right and wrong ways of using your voice.

Here are some ways that lessons can help you with your voice:

Improving Pitch If you are having trouble distinguishing notes or getting your voice to reach the correct pitch. Your voice teacher can help you with finding the different notes and being able to hold on to them. You will also learn about the different musical scales, and how to work them into your practice to help you improve your pitch.

Finding your Vocal Range We all have a vocal range that we’re the most comfortable with. By taking lessons with a teacher they will help to find out exactly what your comfortable range is. With voice lessons, you will find that you will improve your range and will be able to expand your vocal range.

Breath Support In your voice lesson, your teacher will help you with correcting your breathing technique to get the best sound possible. Voice lessons will help learn how to control your breathing and keep time with the music, so you are not running out of breath in the middle of the song.

Music Theory Voice lessons will help you understand the different studies in music theory. Your voice teacher has a great understanding of music theory and will be able to help you look beyond the main melody of a song and find the subtle background notes.

Taking care of your Voice By taking voice lessons your voice teacher will be there to help you take care of your voice, as well as not damaging your voice. This is where taking voice lessons is very useful. Your voice teacher is familiar with the mechanics of our voices. They will know the best techniques to avoid getting tired, as well as not straining and overusing the vocal cords. Your voice teacher will be able to help you do all the fun things you want to do with your voice. All while not damaging your voice.

Building Confidence You’re probably just used to singing in the shower or in your car. By taking voice lesson your voice teacher will help you find ways to build your confidence and give you an extra push. You will always have different pieces to work on in your voice lesson and you may find an opportunity to perform in front of an audience.

As you can see there are many benefits to taking voice lessons. By taking voice lessons and finding the right teacher you will be able to improve your singing voice the correct way. Taking voice lesson is a better approach than heading over to YouTube and trying to figure it out by yourself, with a voice teacher they will be able to guide you.

Many of the singers you hear while listening to the radio take voice lessons. This shows that even the “best” singers still need help with their voice and taking voice lessons is the best way to help with that.

So give voice lessons here at the School Of Dance & Music a try and you will see major improvements in your voice.

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