Five Benefits of Learning Piano

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1)   Attention to detail
Pianists can read some of the most complex music to grace the sheet of any instrumentalist. Kids and beginners shouldn’t be scared off by this – like anything else, it starts slow enough – but pianists train their brains to recognize details in complex information. Think that might come in handy anywhere?

2)   Nimble Fingers
Ever watch a pianist’s fingers dancing across the keys and wonder how they do it? Piano develops muscles in the hands, fingers, wrists, and forearms, and more importantly, develops fine muscle control

3)   Hand-Eye Coordination
It’s not just for sports! Pianists are able to read music and coordinate the ideas on a sheet of music with the notes being played on the keyboards. This connection between senses, thought, and body movement is a key developmental principle.

4)   Developed Work Ethic
Whether it’s an employer the honor roll, a college or just your neighbor down the street who needs someone to house sit, taking the time to learn a musical instrument, especially the piano, demonstrates a work ethic that people respect. Learning that work ethic through the fun of playing music also makes it easier to get other things done.

5)   Stress Relief
It’s scientifically proven, playing music, even an (at times) complex instrument like the piano, actually lowers stress levels. Not only is there release from the simple joy of playing music, but the challenge of learning an instrument is always one that can be met head-on. Knowing that there’s an achievable solution helps people enjoy the process of learning. 

Piano is one of the most versitile and fun instruments you can play! Our piano lessons start for students 4 1/2 years old and go through adult lessons! Give our front desk a call for our current schedule. 


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