Host Your School Fundraiser Dance Party at SDM!

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Fundraiser Dance Party at SDM

Are you looking for a cool Fundraiser idea for your school? Did you just get assigned as a Class Parent?  Host your school fundraiser at the School of Dance & Music!  This special opportunity is one that we only offer for a limited amount of dates a year to our local community schools for a fun, expressive way to bring out the best in everyone.  Our Dance Party Fundraiser brings people together, while benefitting your school!

Have your refreshments and mingle with other parents in our comfy and spacious waiting room while we will teach your kids the latest dance moves in a fun and engaging way.

Dance Party styles Include Ballet, Jazz, Tap, or Hip Hop!  Themes include Super-Girly Hop, Boys Only, Rockin’ Girl Scouts, Beach Dance Bash, Pink Princess, So You Think You Can Dance,  Classical Ballet,  Broadway Stars,  and Pop Stars.  

We provide the dance party, and 100% of the profits go to your school!  Spots are limited. Please inquire at the front desk for availability and more information today.


Call Us Today to Check Availability & Reserve Your Spot!


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