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Let's Get Tapping!

Want to learn more about tap dance? Hear about the history and future of the dance form straight from a tapper! (And get treated to some sweet rhythms along the way.)

As he says in the video, there was a while there where tap took a back seat. And although it’s coming back strong (and never stopped being awesome!) there are still a lot of studios who don’t teach tap.

Their loss.

Tap dance is part of our curriculum down to the very youngest students.

“By providing your child with dance classes at a preschool age and into elementary school, the stages of brain integration pattern development can be optimized… by your child. Math and science here we come…The foremost style of dance that will begin this pattern development is tap dancing. When a child’s foot touches the floor in different rhythmic patterns they are able to stimulate basic reflexes in the body which set permanent movement patterns later in life, while the rhythmic nature of the movement begins the brain integration pattern development.”

--Michelle Greenwell, Why Is Preschool Tap Dance So Important to My Child?

But it doesn’t stop there. Our tap classes run all the way up through adult, and we have two tap companies that perform throughout each year. 

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