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Solo classes are awesome!

A question many parents must answer when signing their children up for music lessons is whether to find private lessons or group classes, especially when it comes to their young ones. There are benefits to both, sure, but the simple truth is, when it comes to actually learning to play an instrument, private lessons can’t be beat. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Individualized Attention
    During a private lesson, the teacher’s attention is always 100% focused on the student. There isn’t a class to split attention among students, or between teaching and class discipline, there’s just the student. All of the teacher’s ability can go to helping the student improve.
  2. Progress at the Student’s Own Pace
    In any subject, students progress at vastly different paces. Some students take to math and struggle in English, while others learn history easily but have problems with science. The same is true with learning an instrument. A student might have beautiful tone, but need extra time on complex technical rhythms. With private lessons, there’s no chance of ever “falling behind,” and teachers can tailor every lesson to the individual student.
  3. Class Stability
    Group classes introduce extra variables: other students. Anyone who’s sat through a lousy seminar class can tell you – the people in the class matter just as much as the teacher. Having extra students who might enter or leave the class constantly changes the class dynamic, which can interfere with a student’s learning ability. When it’s just student and teacher, the student can quickly and easily settle into a comfortable learning environment.
  4. Better Progress
    Because students are able to progress at their own pace and spend extra time on the skills they need to, they nearly always progress faster than students who learn in a group setting. That means more success and enjoyment over the long term.
  5. Pursuit of Individual Interests
    When learning an instrument, there will always be the fundamentals all students need to learn. But think about how flexible most instruments are! Piano music can be classical, but it can also be jazz. Guitars are used in everything from pop to flamenco. Violins are present in both concertos and bluegrass music. Private lessons let a student investigate the styles they find most interesting, like age-appropriate pop songs or the latest Disney craze. When students love the music they’re playing, practice isn’t a chore. It’s a joy!


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