Time for Invention

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Category : Dance

Creativity is about learning old possibilities so you can create new ones

We work really hard on technique in our dance classes. There’s an old saying: You can’t break the rules until you know them. The idea is that in the arts (as well as many other aspects of life) there are baseline skills that any person needs to know in order to do their art well. Even if you’re figuring it out on your own, if you’re a painter you’re going to need to learn about color theory and brush technique. If you’re a writer, you need to learn vocabulary and sentence structure. If you’re a dancer, you’re going to need to learn body control, and pirouettes, and arm positions, and a thousand other little skills. Those are the things that make you proficient at moving your own body to dance.

What they also give you is a toolkit – a toolkit for invention. There’s another saying, that invention is just the new combination of old ideas. This is where the rule breaking comes into play. What if you could use some of those old skills in new ways? What if you could mix them together?

What would it look like if you mixed ballet, modern dance, and live visual effects?




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