What’s The Best Age To Start Dance Classes?

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Parent’s ask, “Isn’t my 2 year old too young to be dancing?” Answer, absolutely not.  Children have the ability to start dancing before they can even put together words.  This is why dance is considered pre-verbal.

Children move to express a thought or feeling.  They move because it feels awesome. When their movement starts to become structured and they begin to be aware of it, it’s called dance.

Our younger dance classes for preschool aged children are designed to help them grow socially, physically, and emotionally. They physically learn balance, coordination, and body awareness.

Through dance, children must take turns, work as a group, watch and support each other, perform and interact. You will see a strong bond between dancers through the challenges of class including dancing together.  

Dance patterns have the children use their entire body in a way they are not able to in any other physical activity.

Dance is a creative way that allows your child to express themselves. They look like they are having fun dancing but they are also exploring their imagination. National Dance Education Organization explains that dance promotes psychological health and maturity through a physical release of emotion and the development of self-awareness.

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