What If I Need to Switch Classes

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Sometimes you can register for a class you think will be great, but when you get in it you find it's not quite the right fit. As we start the new school year, maybe that's you. If so, here are a few things to keep in mind.

First, don’t worry! It happens from time to time. Getting each student into the right class is our highest priority because that’s what’s best for everyone.

Second, give a new class a month or so to settle in. Teachers like to take the first several weeks of a new school year to remind students about all the skills they learned the previous year. There are months ahead for learning lots of new skills. It's important to make sure the old fundamentals are down first.

Third, if you really think you're in the wrong class, ask your teacher afterwards. No one will have a better idea of where you fit best than your teacher.

And Fourth, if you do need to switch, talk to our front desk! They’ll be happy to help you find a new class.


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