When To Start Pointe Classes?

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How do you know when to start pointe class? Knowing when to start pointe requires many factors.

Age: The suggested age to start pointe is around 11 or 12 years. This is usually recommended instead of 9 or 10 because the growth of the foot is complete around this age. Having a child start before they are ready usually has less to do with actual bone and joint damage (although this may happen) and more to do with an proper range of motion, strength and stability. It is recommended to be enrolled in at least 3 ballet classes weekly when training on pointe. Here at School of Dance and Music, young ballerinas are all on the road to pointe as long as they are taking twice a week.  Our Intermediate B classes and are Ballet IV classes are on two different tracks that both lead dancers to pointe.

If you are debating whether to start pointe, consider if you want to put the time and commitment. To start pointe your ballet instructor has to determine if you are physically ready. Some things your instructor will check for are: Correct body position, alignment, turnout, strength, balance, mastery of ballet technique, proper ankle and foot alignment, effectively uses pile while dancing, ease of repeated relevés in the center, balancing one foot, approaching to relevé (from plié, from the straight leg, stepping or springing into, etc.

Pointe takes a lot of commitment, you will suffer a lot of sore feet and occasional blisters. Pointe shoes are complicated, and you must be fit and taught the correct way to put them on. You must be patient to be successful when starting off in pointe.

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