Show 12 - "Dance Your Story" June 2015 SDM Dance Recital

Show 12 - "Dance Your Story" - June 2015 SDM Dance Recital

Sunday, June 7, 2015 @ 7pm at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center

03:00 "On My Own" (JAZZ (INVITE) W JUMPS & TURNS (8-11 yrs)
05:52 "Circles" (BALLET INT B Teen/Preteen)
08:45 "Alice in Wonderland" (BALLET INT B Teen/Preteen)
11:34 "Flight" (BALLET INT B W PRE-POINTE/ POINTE BEG Adult/Teen/Preteen)
14:34 "I Feel Pretty" (BALLET INT A Teen/Preteen)
17:28 "La Sylphide" (BALLET (INVITE(8-11 yrs)
20:16 "Let It Be" (JAZZ (INVITE)W JUMPS & TURNS 8-11 yrs)
23:04 "Silizium" (BALLET INT B Teen/Preteen)
25:56 "Summertide" (BALLET INT A Preteen)
28:45 "The Enchanted Forest and the Unassuming Woodsman" (BALLET INT B w/ PRE-POINTE / POINTE BEG Adult/Teen/Preteen)
31:45 "Western Symphony" (BALLET INVITE 8-11 yrs)
34:35 "Stars and Stripes" (BALLET INT B Preteen)
40:17 "Le Voyage Dans La Lune" (BALLET INT B W PRE-POINTE / POINTE BEG Teen/Preteen)
43:00 "Nothing Feels Like You" (JAZZ & CONTEMPORARY INT A Teen/Preteen)
45:53 "Fire Bending" (JAZZ INVITE w/ JUMPS & TURNS 8-11 yrs)
48:46 "Esmeralda" (BALLET INT/ADV A W POINTE Adult/Teen)
51:25 "Glitter in the Air" (JAZZ & CONTEMPORARY INT A Preteen)
54:18 "Don Juan" (BALLET INT B Teen/Preteen)
57:10 "Raymonda" (BALLET INT B Teen/Preteen)
1:00:05 "Don Quixote" (BALLET INT B W PRE-POINTE / POINTE BEG Adult/Teen/Preteen)
1:02:55 "Chasing Cars" (JAZZ & CONTEMPORARY INT B Teen/Preteen)
1:05:44 "Cold, Cold Water" (CONTEMPORARY PRIVATE Teen)
1:07:58 "Revelation" (BALLET INVITE 8-11 yrs)
1:10:49 "Summer Time" (BALLET INT B Teen/Preteen)
1:13:43 "Gotta Have Him" (JAZZ & CONTEMPORARY INT B Teen/Preteen)
1:16:38 "Enough of Our Machines" (JAZZ & CONTEMPORARY INT B ACCELERATED w/ JUMPS & TURNS Teen/Preteen)
1:19:28 "Invisible" (JAZZ ELITE COMPANY INT/ADV Teen/Preteen)
1:22:33 "Le Jardin" (BALLET INVITE 8-11 yrs)
1:25:24 "Are You Gonna Go My Way" (JAZZ INVITE w/ JUMPS & TURNS 8-11 yrs)

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