Show 6 - "Dance Your Story" June 2015 SDM Dance Recital

Show 6 - "Dance Your Story" - June 2015 SDM Dance Recital

Saturday, June 6, 2015 @ 7pm at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center

00:06 "Best for Last" (BALLET INT A Teen/Preteen)
02:50 "Apply" (JAZZ & CONTEMPORARY INT A Teen/Preteen)
05:41 "Victory" (BALLET INT A Preteen)
08:27 "Figure 8" (JAZZ & CONTEMPORARY INT A Preteen)
11:15 "Don't Stop Believing" (JAZZ & CONTEMPORARY INT A Preteen)
14:03 "Fever" (JAZZ & CONTEMPORARY INT A Preteen)
16:53 "Tree's and Trust" (BALLET INT A Teen/Preteen)
19:45 "Esmeralda" (BALLET INT/ADV A W POINTE Adult/Teen)
22:24 "I Adore You" (JAZZ & CONTEMPORARY INT A Preteen)
25:15 "I Can Make Ya" (POPPING & LOCKING Teen/Preteen)
27:27 "Flower Girls" (BALLET INT A Teen/Preteen)
30:20 "Endlessly" (JAZZ & CONTEMPORARY INT A Teen/Preteen)
33:07 "Back in Black" (JAZZ & CONTEMPORARY INT B Adult/Teen/Preteen)
36:09 "Elastic Heart" (JAZZ ELITE COMPANY INT/ADV A Teen)
38:53 "Get Ur Freak On" (HIP HOP INT B Adult/Teen/Preteen)
41:50 "Falling Slowly" (JAZZ & CONTEMPORARY INT B Teen/Preteen)
44:41 "Find You" (JAZZ & CONTEMPORARY INT Teen/Preteen)
47:35 "Land of 1000 Dances" (JAZZ & CONTEMPORARY INT A Preteen)
50:24 "Super Bass" (HIP HOP INT/ADV - ADV INVITE Teen)
53:10 "Choosing Dauntless" (JAZZ & CONTEMPORARY INT B Teen/Preteen)
56:07 "Scream Louder" (HIP HOP INT B Teen/Preteen)
58:57 "Intergalactic" (HIP HOP INT A Teen/Preteen)
1:01:50 "Empire State of Mind" (HIP HOP INT A Preteen)
1:04:45 "Chandelier" (AERIAL Teen)
1:07:38 "Get Up" (HIP HOP INT A Preteen)
1:10:24 "Get Happy" (JAZZ ELITE COMPANY (INT/ADV A(Teen/Preteen)
1:13:20 "Rama Lama" (HIP HOP INT A Preteen)
1:16:13 "I Will Never Let You Down" (JAZZ & CONTEMPORARY INT A Teen/Preteen)
1:19:10 "Titanium" (HIP HOP INT B Teen/Preteen)
1:21:58 "Turn Down Service" (HIP HOP INT/ADV - ADV INVITE Teen)

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