Sprinkled Holiday Treats - 2017 Dance Company

2017 Dance Company Holiday Show

Sunday, December 10th at the Hermosa Playhouse

Featuring performances from our various Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Tap Companies

(00:12) "Behind Your Eyes" 
(02:55) "Caramel Belles" 
(05:30) "Sweet and Sour"
(08:14) "Sugar Sprites" 
(11:01) "Jingles Cookies" 
(13:45)''My Favorite Treats" 
(16:39) "Peppermint Patties" 
(18:51) ''Sugar and Spice" 
(20:40)"Peppermint Party Girls" 
(23:25)"Sugar Snowflakes" 
(28:27)"Candy Shop" 
(31:12) ''Hot Chocolates" 
(33:50) "Snow Angel Truffles" 
(36:29) "Christmas Milkshakes" 
(39:11) "Curly Candy Canes" 
(41:00) ''Winter Green Winds" 
(44:14) "Marshmallow Minis" 
(47:21) "Marshmallow World"


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